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Wholesale Pricing


For information about wholesale pricing, please email us at info@mybunkz.com or call (316) 941-8555.  Price sheet has coupon codes that discount the bulk rate to wholesale pricing and must be entered in the shopping cart for online ordering.

BUNKZ Orders and Requests

Let us know the name of your business, phone number(s), email address for contact person, and any other important information we may need simply by clicking on the "Contact Us" link.  We will immediately review to get answers for your orders and requests.


Click on "Products" then "Register" and fill in the information.  By registering, you will be able to view all your previous and current orders after signing in to your personal account.  It's simple and handy.  Registration is not required.


BUNKZ is a win win option for everyone.  Don't give people a chance to experience a "bad feeling" by being turned away from the slides.  They may be less likely to purchase other items from the park and may even leave.  Increase sales while protecting slides with the BUNKZ option.  Your customers will be "HAPPY" and you will too! Watch sales increase in other areas of the park.


Surfers spend a lot of money on their boards and don't like their boards getting scratched up.  If you are selling board shorts with metal grommets, tell them about BUNKZ.  BUNKZ are safe for all Surf Boards and they add style.  Surfers love style.  Increase your sales by giving them a no brainer option.  They'll be happy you did!!

Custom BUNKZ

If you are interested in personalizing the BUNKZ with specific logos, characters, mascots, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, or other images, we will be happy to discuss this option.

Advantages of Custom BUNKZ

You can be assured that people wearing BUNKZ with your logo/brand/insignia will be wearing them to other water parks and beaches for the rest of the summer.  This is free advertising!