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Solving A Frustrating Problem

  The BUNKZ product was created to solve a problem most of us don't understand.  I'll explain;  Exposed metal on swim attire scratches and chips away at water park slides. This causes a lot of damage to the water slides over time. These slides cost water parks several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars plus maintenance. Water parks need to preserve their slides as best as possible. This is why the rules at 95% of water parks don't allow people with exposed metal grommets, rivets, zippers, and etc. to go down their slides. Now that you understand why you are prohibited from going down their slides, you can help parks since BUNKZ FOR YOUR TRUNKS has been created.  

How BUNKZ came to Life  

In 2009 my son and I were in line to go down a slide at a water park.  I couldn't go down, because I had exposed metal grommets on my swim trunks.  It was upsetting, because it was an experience I missed out on with my son.  The following year, I actually saw a lifeguard pulling out metal grommets from the swim trunks of a boy, so he could go down the slides.  I relived the experience from the previous year and got upset all over again, but then I thought about this and it popped into my head!!  Don't get mad.  Solve the problem, so I invented BUNKZ right there when I saw this happening before my eyes - "Bunkz for your trunks."  I did tons of research to see if there was such an accessory that could snap in and cover the metal grommets and found nothing.  I researched the "RULES" that many water parks post online and found they don't like exposed metal on swim suits PERIOD!!  This was when made sure to see this little invention come to life for all of you.  I went as far as contacting a water slide manufacturer and speaking to chemists for materials that would work best for BUNKZ.  Best of all, I did my most precious research to make sure this product was MADE IN THE USA even the packaging.  It's all MADE IN USA, so you can rest assured you've got a quality component specially designed to protect water slides, surf boards, swim wear, and etc.  At the same time, it provides character with all the colors you can mix and match to create your own style.  

- Adam Hamilton

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

 We are so confident our product will lower your water slide maintenance costs, increase your positive guest experience, and you will be satisfied with the results, that if for any reason whatsoever you are unhappy with the product send it back for not only a 100% refund but we will also tack on an extra 10% just for the trouble. 

Provide Jobs To The Disabled and Disadvantaged

 At Bunkz we believe in the human potential of every member of society. That is why we partner with Starkey, Inc. To employ over 200 permanently disabled or disadvantaged individuals within our community.